Window shades and draperies help complete the look of your home décor. With so many options out there for window treatments, where do you begin? Custom motorization is the ideal starting point. Motorized shades offer both elegance and ease of use.

Here are some more reasons to invest in motorized shading:
Convenience: Whether you are using an individual remote or you have integrated them into your Smart Home Technology, you will no longer need to struggle to align your shades. By motorizing them, they can move in one fluid movement to the right spot. If you have a bank of windows, every shade can move in perfect alignment.

Energy Savings: Who isn’t looking to save on their energy costs? Harsh sunlight in the summer can throw your air conditioning into overdrive while drafty windows during our bitter New England winters leave a chill in the air. With simple programming your shades will automatically raise and lower to cut back on your long term energy costs. An added bonus…extra security! With shade programming set to operate throughout the day, your home will look as if someone is there … even when you might be hundreds of miles away.

UV Protection: everybody loves a flood of natural light sunlight throughout their home but too much of a good thing could take a toll on your fine furnishings. Filtering the UV rays that pour through your windows will help save your upholstered items as well as case goods.